Jorja White

Jorja graduated from Samford University with a Bachelor of Arts and studied English and Speech. After graduation, she and her husband spent over a decade mentoring and coaching college students. During this time, her work experience included entrepreneur, researcher, writer, investigator, teacher, and recruiter. The common denominator in all her experience has been her desire to help, develop and connect others.

At Rob Walker Architects, LLC Jorja provides communication and administrative functions and is in charge of creating all marketing and communication materials including emails, PR, correspondence, and website and social media platform content. Jorja contributes support to our Principal and acts as a proxy for absence within client meetings, and financial and administrative areas. She enjoys interacting with vendors, architects, interns, management, and clients while she endures bookkeeping, HR, license renewals, and administrative activities. When she is not working for RWA, Jorja enjoys writing, reading, advocating for women and being with the people she loves.